League of Women Voters LaPorte County

Legislative breakfast December 10, 2106

Thanks to our legislators for their participation, insights and engagement.

Award presented to LaPorte County League of Women Voters, team member in the Trail Creek Watershed Partnership

LWVUS partnered up with the March in Washington and throughout the nation.  LWVIN members attended many of them, including the ones in Washington, D.C.,  Chicago, South Bend, and Indianapolis. Cheryl Chapman reported receiving lots of thumbs up and shout outs for her LWV button during the march!  "LWV is exactly what a crowd like this needs - a group that is all about educating citizens, studying the issues, becoming experts in advocacy, and encouraging citizen participation in our democracy such as running for office and volunteering for great causes! The optimism and peaceful expression of views at the March in Chicago were amazing." Jo Ann Engquist, Sarah Haefner, Bonnie Schaaf from LWVLPC marched in Chicago, while Deb Chubb and Sally Ankony made it all the way to D.C.!

Legislative Breakfast March 24, 2018

Thanks to former Indiana House Leader Scott Pelath ( HD IN 9), IN District 8 Senator Mike Bohacek, and Mark Lopez, chief of staff for Pete Visclosky (US Congress  Indiana District 1) for your updates & insights. It's always interesting to hear from our local legislators and get answers on issues that concern us. Your time and candor is appreciated.

League of Women Voters Lake Michigan Region Board working hard to protect Lake Michigan and the GLRI funding. These women Rock! — with Pat Graunke, Deborah Chubb, Krista Grimm,Henrietta Saunders, Sarah Bury, Cheryl Chapman, Maryjo Gorman, Lisa Harris and Jeanette Neagu in Chicago, Illinois. March 18, 2017

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