Dues are $60 per person, or $60 for the first person in a household and $30 each for the rest. We prefer checks.  Just write a check to LWV La Porte County and send it to LWV La Porte, PO Box 9234, Michigan City IN 46361-9234.  And if you can add some extra to it, that would be much appreciated. 

But if you want to use plastic, you may use the link below;

press the “Donate” Button, and pay with a credit card or Paypal.  However going through Paypal (either directly or via credit card) accrues a charge to us. 

We now ask you to add $5.00 processing fee to your dues.  Most other organizations and other venues do this automatically.

<--- Please add $5 for Paypal fees.

      Additional donations appreciated!