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League of Women Voters Making Democracy Work
Principles include redistricting reform, voter rights & voter protection, voter & civic education, and “good government.” Focus on action more than just study.
Outlook for work:
Develop committees to identify barriers to voting, particularly for minorities, and remove those barriers.
Proposed action:
• Conduct training events, both for those registering voters, for potential poll workers and watchers, and for voters;
• Gather data through county government, articles, research papers, etc.;
• Develop questionnaires for use in voter registration;
• Develop pamphlets, billboards, films, and videos, and using social media;
• Develop a speaker bureau;
• Involve both the African American and Hispanic communities through other organizations and churches;
• Conduct fundraising event(s) to pay for the pamphlets, billboards, etc.

2019 General Election Information
October 7, 2019:  Voter Registration Ends

October 8, Early Voting Starts at Michigan City Courthouse and La Porte Courthouse

  • Mon-Fri:  8am-4pm & last 2 Saturdays 10/26 and 11/2, 8 am to 3 pm

October 28, 2019:  Absentee Ballot Applications due for Mail-In Voting at Courthouse by 11:59 pm

Election Day:  Tuesday, November 5, 2019, 6am to 6pm at polling places       

                                                        Don’t forget your photo ID!