In response to national politics, voter enthusiasm appears to be at an all time high.  People are excitedly registering  to vote, checking on their voting status and eagerly asking where or how early they can cast their ballot.  All of these actions pleases the League of Women Voters Of La Porte County (LWVLC), but it also concerns us. 

Yes, we want every qualified citizen to vote, but are they forgetting something?  What about the local races?   Do they actually know anything about the candidates running for the many La Porte County offices on this November 3rd?  Will they simply vote along party lines, or will they make a search for the best candidate? ​

We are very pleased to announce that along with LWV South Bend and LWV Elkhart we will be co-sponsoring a debate between the 2 candidates for the Second Congressional District on Oct 28th

Forum 1 Coroner: Lynn Swanson (R ), Mark P. Baker (D) ; Auditor: Timothy J. Stabosz ( R ); Commissioner District 3:  Joe Haney (R ), Vidja Kora (D)

County Candidate Forums  

Forum 3 Council At Large: Matthew Bernacchi (D), Earl Cunningham (R), Mike Mollenhauer (D), Connie Gramarossa (R), Jeff Santana (D), Brett Kessler (R)  

County Candidate Forums  

LaPorte County General  Election Virtual Candidate Forums  2020

Forum 2 Recorder: Elizabeth (ELA) Bilderback (R),  Lois Sosinski (D) ; Commissioner District 2: Jeremy Smith (L), Rich Mrozinski (R); Circuit Court Clerk:  Kathleen A. Chroback (D), Heather Stevens (R)